Welcome to BailStreet (EP.01)

The introductory episode of BailStreet where we get to meet Wall Street pro Danny Moses and Bail Bondsman Ira Judelson.

In this episode we learn why Danny and Ira are launching the BailStreet brand; how the two met which includes a great story about Dominique Strauss Kahn; and why it's so important for everyone to have a plan in place in case you find yourself in front of a judge.

Links Referenced

The Big Short

The Fixer

Flash Boys

Invest Like the Best Podcast

Show Notes

1:05 – Where the idea for BailStreet first got its roots when Danny got a call about the pending arrest of Dominique Strauss Kahn, former head of the IMF

4:20 – The realization that Danny and Ira’s worlds are often intertwined

7:17 – Background on Mathew Passy and how he got involved in the project

            7:55 – Danny Moses on Invest Like the Best

            7:56 – Ira Judelson on Invest Like the Best

8:22 – The potential expanding universe of BailStreet

9:42 – How often does a criminal investigation impact the markets

12:07 – How did Ira and Danny meet and become friends

13:05 – How Ira got his start as a bail bondsman

14:00 – What is the emotional impact of getting arrested

15:33 – Strangest thing someone has put as collateral for a bond

16:20 – How Danny got started in finance

17:30 – How Danny got featured in The Big Short

19:13 – What Danny was thinking about the future during the financial crisis

20:40 – Advice for people starting to invest money

22:30 – Bail preparedness kit

25:40 – Pamela Buchbinder case

            48 Hours episode

29:20 – What happens when a person skips bail

29:52 – Tease for Harvey Weinstein and other sexual assault cases taking shape

32:27 – Preview for what’s to come on future episodes of BailStreet