Fat Joe (EP.02)

BailStreet welcomes Fat Joe to the show. He talks about his time inside, how he and Ira met, what it took for him to make it, how Joe is a stand-up guy and how with some hard work he is back on top.

Fat Joe also shares information about his new single Get Excited and upcoming album Family Ties.

Later on, Danny provides a 2018 outlook for the economy that may have you running for the hills.


Links Referenced

Get Excited

Fat Joe Surprises his Daughter on Thanksgiving

Flow Joe

Podcast Coca Vision

Pick it Up

Show Notes

0:53 – Ira tells the story of how he and Fat Joe first met

1:15 – Ira invites Fat Joe to his kids’ b’nai mitzvahs

3:32 – Fat Joe on his connection to Ira

4:14 – Fat Joe talks about his tax arrest

5:08 – What happened to Fat Joe’s accountant that got him into trouble

6:42 – Fat Joe reflects on the time he did compared to all of the Wall Street people the crippled the economy that did nothing

10:04 – Fat Joe’s time and the financial people he ran into

            11:11 – Fat Joe Surprises his Daughter on Thanksgiving

12:40 – The dudes that have to lie about why they are doing time

13:26 – Reactions to the Nasser arrest

15:28 – The importance of loyalty

16:31 – Best time of day inside jail, when the mail shows up

16:54 – Start of Fat Joe’s career and getting his big break

            18:21 – Flow Joe

20:37 – Work on the new album Family Ties and Podcast Coca Vision

            20:46 – Pick it Up

21:44 – Fat Joe talks 50 Cent

22:56 – Sympathy for Mike Tyson

25:10 – T-Pain

29:26 – Danny’s 2018 economic outlook

30:59 – The concerns for the auto sector